Thrift Shopping | Goodwill Edition

posted on: 29.1.13

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love thrift shopping. Why you ask? It's because thrift shops are the best places to find one of a kind items that will make you stand out from the general population :)...

Thrift shopping can be either fun or overwhelming depending on who you are, so in this post I will give you a few tips on how I make thrift shopping fun and easy for myself and maybe for you too:

1. Always have a specific idea of what you need to buy in order to save you time, (for example when I went to Goodwill last night I knew that I needed high waist-ed pants/shorts so I went directly to the pants and shorts section which saved me so much time.)
2. Remember that if you find something that is a bit too big, you can always use the money that you saved by shopping at a thrift store to tailor that garment.
3.  We all know that thrift stores' clothing are a mixture of garments from different years and fashion eras so it's important to choose your clothes wisely, pick garments that are timeless, versatile and practical, especially if you are a fashionista on a budget. When it comes to prints be careful. Stick to prints that are always in vogue, such as animals prints;  or choose prints that are unique and trendy or something that you love and fit your style. If you are not into prints, monochromatic garments are always a good choice.

I hope this will be of use to you and I hope that the next time you go shopping you won't let the clothes intimidate you :)

Have a good week
Bisoux :)
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14 Darling Comments:

  1. Absolutely love thrift stores! Can find some amazing bargains. Love the leopard print shirt!
    What camera do you use?


  2. I do the same things when I go thrifting, like keeping in mind what I want to buy. Great finds though :) I like buying those kind of high wasted shorts and turning them into my own cutoffs.

    -Monica @ Lemonpetit

  3. I love looking for things at GW. :)

    join my galaxy leggings GIVEAWAY!

  4. you sure hauled really good clothes! :O

    Pudding Monster

  5. Love the bag! :D

    xx MJ

  6. love the purchases :)

  7. great stuff!
    thank you for visiting :)

  8. Love those jeans!


  9. Amazing post girl, I love your blog so much <333
    Love, Anna

  10. What a great haul, it is certainly an affordable way to go shopping and get a little much-needed retail therapy.

  11. Awesome tips. I couldn't agree with you more. Thrifting definitely takes a lot of time and a lot of patience.


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